Monday, February 27, 2012

The IGERT Program is now accepting applications

We are now accepting applications from students who would like to become full participants in our IGERT program in Biological and Computational Foundations of Language Diversity. To download the guidelines for applicants please visit Note that the program is open to ALL U of Maryland PhD students, regardless of citizenship, departmental home, or faculty advisor. There are currently 35-40 students from 7 departments and programs who regularly participate in activities related to the IGERT program.

Benefits of Participation

For students

-- engage in innovative interdisciplinary training
-- develop research skills not normally available in a single department
-- participate in collaborative research
-- learn to communicate with diverse groups, contribute to scientific
-- develop leadership skills through student-led initiatives
-- success enhanced by strong peer support network
-- funding for research and travel

For faculty/departments

-- cutting-edge training enhances students' career prospects
-- professional development activities help students' presentation and
communication skills
-- students can bring new expertise to the home department
-- student projects can foster lasting cross-department collaborations
-- access to additional funding for research and travel
-- enhances department visibility and supports recruiting outstanding
-- improves department's ability to compete for new grants, gifts, etc.
-- be an integral part of the largest language science community in N
America, a U of MD priority area

Note that although applications are not due until March 28th (Wednesday after Spring Break), we're asking applicants to notify us by March 12th, so that we have a good estimate of how many applications to expect. Please direct inquiries about the program to any participating faculty members, to Colin Phillips (, the program director, or to Csilla Kajtar (, the program coordinator.

Csilla Kajtar
IGERT Program Coordinator |
Linguistics Department | University of Maryland
1413H Marie Mount Hall | College Park, MD 20742

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