Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Storm Daily Digest - 01.17.2013

Dear Winter Storm Participants, Congratulations! You've made it to the final day of Winter Storm!
Events for Friday: 1/18/13 1. Language Analysis Workshop Language Analysis Workshop teams meet to prepare for presentations.
2. Lunch: Special Interest Group Presentations The Special Interest Groups which have been meeting throughout Winter Storm present the results of their explorations.
3. Language Analysis Workshop: Presentations Teams from the Language Analysis Workshop present their results in describing different aspects of the Zazaki language with the aid of a native informant.
4. Closing Colin Phillips leads a session and offers a few closing remarks at the end of Winter Storm 2013.
5. Happy Hour! Everyone is invited to Looney's Pub to celebrate the end of a phenomenal Winter Storm! Please refer to the website for precise scheduling and location information. If there is any feedback you would like to give the Winter Storm Committee please send it to The Winter Storm Committee will circulate a survey, the results of which allow us to better design and execute future Winter Storms; we ask that you please respond to this request when it comes. Thank you for your participation! The Winter Storm Committee

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